A gap analysis provides you with detailed insights around your business. It allows us to customise the training to meet specific and individual needs of your employees. It ensures you can allocate budgets efficiently and create a tailored strategy according to your company needs and not merely pay for generic training. It also helps us understand your specific business, its organisational goals and objectives and identify which core competencies and skills we need to hone in on.

We build a custom solution that works for your team. Our Leadership Programmes incorporate experiential learning activities that empower your leaders to handle the real-life situations they have to deal with in their working environments. Our approach? We incorporate a theory section; set aside time for learners to work through their self-discovery process; make the connection between the theory and their working environment; self reflect; get out of any comfort zones and take ownership of the learning process.

We prefer customising our training materials to suit your specific business requirements, culture and values. We align the look and feel of the material to your corporate identity. We collaborate with you so that you can share your business goals with us. Then we look at what learning objectives the training material should contain and include role-specific skills and real-life working scenarios that promote learner relatability. Our frameworks within our materials are dynamic and allow for high engagement and interactivity. Enquire about our training materials for sales, customer service, customer experience, leadership, regulatory and compliance.

We look at your business needs and ensure the training outcome meets those needs. ROI is critical to us, so we always look at ways of comparing pre-training and post training to ensure that training content is comprehensive and assesses learners accordingly. We incorporate scenario-based learning to promote learner engagement and retention in the short and longer term. Storytelling allows the learner to connect with the material on a more emotional level which also assists with memory recall. We have a team of professional voice-over artists and graphic designers that will breathe life into the training material so that the learner sees information in an aesthetically pleasing way. Repetition and bite-sized portions are presented in a manner that is constantly interactive and engaging so that learners are involved in a  tactile manner, thus appealing to the different learning styles. 

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